Restaurants in France sue for negative comments

Lawsuits and threats for negative reviews

Update December 16

Following his (really very) negative review of Le Verre Vole sur Mer, writer Aaron Ayscough (Not Drinking Poison in Paris) received this comment from chef Laurent Julien:

your gonna review only soups restaurants after you cross my way motherfucker.You need a good reminder of what respect is.Tu va connaitre ton poid sans tes dents mon enfant de chienne.a bientot

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Yam'Tcha steamed buns bao brioche vapeur December 2014 from Adeline Grattard | Paris by Mouth

Hot buns from Yam’Tcha’s Adeline Grattard

While their gastronomic restaurant prepares to move to a new location in the new year, the folks at Yam’Tcha are using their space at 4 rue Sauval to sell boxes of bao, or steamed buns, to go. Adeline Grattard’s Franco-Chinois take on les brioches vapeur includes fillings like Comté with sweet onion, Basque pork with Szechuan eggplant, shrimp with gauchoï, spicy shitake & veg, and surprising bite of Stilton with Amarena cherry. Continue reading

Dersou restaurant and cocktails from Taku Sekine and Amaury Guyot in Paris


There are many reasons to go to Dersou: starting your day with a bowl of porridge and a coffee from Stéphane Cataldi; stopping for a healthy lunch near the boutiques along the rue de Charonne; sharing a sixty-day aged steak and a bottle of Crozes-Hermitage, as the couple next to us was doing at 11pm. Maybe you don’t go in for the no-choice dégustation menu offered for 90€ from 7:30-9pm. Maybe chef Taku Sekine’s food – a series of five inventive, generous and mostly delicious plates, each paired by with a cocktail from barman Amaury Guyot,  is not well-enough supported by an adolescent service staff that seems to be more enthralled with their own vibe than with the banality of bringing your drink, your check, your noose. Continue reading

Gare au Gorille restaurant from Louis Langevin and Marc Cordonnier from Septime in Paris

Gare au Gorille

Just steps from the train tracks leading to and from the Saint-Lazare train station, this is the new project from two Septime alums, Marc Cordonnier (Grébaut’s former sous-chef) and his front-of-house partner Louis Langevin. With a hip hop soundtrack and aspirations no grander than to be a good bistro, the quality of food they are putting out will nonetheless attract the sort of globetrotting gastronome crowd that they are fleeing from at Septime. Continue reading

Martin bar a manger wine bar in Paris from Au Passage

Au Passage to open new wine bar

The team behind Au Passage is opening a new wine bar called Martin on Saturday night November 29.

Au Passage barman Loïc (family name Martin) is leading the charge with backing from Au Passage co-owners Jean-Charles & Audrey and with menu supervision by Au Passage chef Edward Delling-Williams. Continue reading

Le Verre Vole sur Mer in Paris

Le Verre Volé sur Mer

It came as a total surprise that this, the seafood offshoot of beloved wine bar Le Verre Volé, would be one of my least favorite dining experiences in Paris. Let’s be blunt: this was the worst meal I’ve had in several years. Uncomfortable churn-em’ highchair seating and blindingly bright lamps could be forgiven if there was more than one dish that beckoned a second bite. Continue reading